Searching For The Perfect Holiday

Searching for the number 1 location to go on holiday

Traveling is what people LOVE to do and dream about white beaches and blue sea and palm trees. But what is de number 1 location on the world where people want to travel to. That is of course the BIG question as we are with 6,215,000,000 (source 2002) people on the planet and everybody have their on ideal location to dream off. With so many DREAMS and some many opinions we need to ask us the important question IS THERE A PERFECT LOCATION or is it all a DREAM. As everybody knows nobody is perfect and DREAMS are all fiction or are sometimes DREAMS true. So the best way to find the perfect location to travel to we need to open our eyes and stop dreaming.

When everybody open their eyes and be realistic then maybe we will find the number 1 location to go on holiday. As there are so many locations on the world to travel to we need to narrow our search. As the world is divided in 5 continents we need to ask our self what part of the world the perfect location the travel to. And you can see again that is a question we cannot answer as there are 6,215,000,000 different answers. But we will not stop the journey to find our number 1 location as we need to make some decisions otherwise the perfect holiday will always be a DREAM.

We will find the way to our prefect holiday as people say for every problem is a solution.